Stay home. Stay safe. This will pass. I love you.

Where exactly do all those pictures come from?

I won't tell you. Most of the channels are small private like communities.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts to navigate the page more quickly?


Well then, what are those...?

key function
d OR right arrow next entry / page
a OR left arrow previous entry / page
r random entry

What will tagging entries get me?

Right now, there's only a secret way to sort by tag available to those elite trusted users mentioned below. There may be more coming but I'm not sure when and what. Sorry.

What does signing up get me?

More weight when voting on tags and the chance to level up to become a trusted user that can delete tags or later even posts. There may also be some additional features only available to signed up users.

Can your bot join my awesome channel?

If you're the channel owner and your users are OK with it and you frequently post links to totally awesome pictures, sure. Drop me a mail.

Come on, tell me at least one of the channels the pics come from! I wanna join!

#ircz on libera.